Surface Warfare Officer's Association

Welcome to the Surface Warfare Officer’s Association

Over the years, two Associations have grown closer together, holding combined dinners, and this, together with a recent evolution of the role of the PWO at sea (which means that they do not graduate from the MWS as sub-specialists) led to the formation of the RN Surface Warfare Officers’ Association in 2008.


The Association is a non-profit making unincorporated association whose aim is to perpetuate the common bond between past and present Royal Naval Executive, Seaman and Warfare Officers qualified by completion of the Principal Warfare Officer (PWO), Long Gunnery (‘G’), Ordnance Engineer (‘OE’), Torpedo Anti-Submarine (TAS), Torpedo (T), Long Navigation (N), Direction (D), Communications (C), Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving (MCD) and Hydrography and Meteorology (HM) courses.


  • To develop links with the UK defence business community for the furtherance of RN Warfare
  • To develop links with other maritime warfare associations
  • To provide guidance, coaching and support to current Warfare officers as they would wish

Please contact the RN SWOA Secretary for further information or to become a member.

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